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 How to get a sig !

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How to get a sig ! Left_bar_bleue6666666/1000000How to get a sig ! Empty_bar_bleue  (6666666/1000000)

How to get a sig ! Empty
PostSubject: How to get a sig !   How to get a sig ! EmptyFri 6 Apr - 16:13

You MUST fill this in for a request. Anything other than this will be ignored.

Make a new topic with information about:
- Text that you want on sig:
- Specific Images (supply links ! or ideas), Character type, animals, blood, fire, etc...
- Colour Scheme you would prefer..
- Things to avoid (what you don't want in your image)
- I make 200x600 max, so if you want smaller tell me, must respect proportions.
-If supplying link, must be high quality images, and must be linked to me
by site such as photobucket, Imageshack..( I don't wanna go on a site
to load a pic and get infected by some virus on sites i don,t know...)
-Keep in mind am not a drawer, i'm graphic designer, i mostly use renders and stuff like that. So if you or i can't find an image of what you want,
you'll have to change your mind.

The work for a banner normaly worth around 210$-250$, all i'm asking is a retribution of any kind taht suits the work.
-WoodYou paid for me to be game supporter in WWII.
-Pyro donate 5$ to ~K*G~ forum
-NickoDaFsh donate 5$ to ~K*G~ forum
-You can also deal something else with me.

*It's not that i want to get paid for it, it's just that noone appreciate working long time for absolutely nothin.. And even if i love to do those, they still a lot of work.


AlwAy'S bE yUr SeLf...
NEveR sTaY unDEr C0ntR0L...
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How to get a sig !
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