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 Character sheets

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Character sheets   Character sheets EmptyWed 7 Mar - 4:44

You can now build yourself a character sheet. With many different details.
You can base it on a game your playing or more than one, or just imagination.

If you find it misses something you can tell me in suggestion section and i'll add it.

Every one gets a NBK ranking distributed by me and also getting some points regarding some actions made for the sake of the clan and the forum. All this in order to grow in ranking and receicing special tittles, mentions or ranks.

Also getting points out of posting in forums...
those ranks are pre-edited to go with the amounth of posts.
(Don't go spam every where, cuz you'll get back to 0 posts.)

AlwAy'S bE yUr SeLf...
NEveR sTaY unDEr C0ntR0L...
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Character sheets
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